Give your community consultations and engagements a Crisp edge

The team at Crisp have provided invaluable assistance to AT’s consultation team for a number of years. Their analysis has been precise, well written and organised. Always professional and proactive, they have worked above and beyond to meet often tight deadlines. I would thoroughly recommend them for this service.

Scott Winton  |  Consultation Team Manager 

Auckland Transport

Empower your project teams to make the right planning and design decisions

The insights you'll uncover through sound consultation practice will empower your project team to make planning and design decisions that truly reflect your community’s input.

Gain real insight into your community's wants and needs

We 'eyeball' the feedback we collect on your behalf and manually code each response according to our data collection framework.

We offer you our expertise in

Public and stakeholder consultation and engagement strategy and planning.

Tactical delivery of public and stakeholder consultation and engagement plans.

Public feedback collection using surveys and other tools.

Feedback analysis and reporting for project teams, local boards, and public audiences.

Here's a few more reasons to trust us with your next project consultation

We do it all - from strategy to delivery

We can lead your consultations and engagements or play a support role, working with your team from project start to completion or stepping in where you need us. From strategic plans to public open day events and feedback analysis and reporting, we can support you on any level.

We understand the local government and public sectors

We know your priorities and constraints and work with you to navigate them all. From Long Term Plans to localised changes, we tailor our approach to match the type and scale of your project.

We're tech-savvy communications experts

Public feedback isn’t just data – it’s the feelings, opinions and ideas of real people who matter the most to you. We bring public feedback to life in a way that is meaningful to all of your stakeholders, and collate their ideas so your technical experts can use them to finalise project plans and designs.

We identify and manage risks in a timely manner

Throughout the consultation and engagement process we identify any immediate or emerging risks to your project. We help you manage these risks by flagging them early, and support you to make the right response at the right time.

We offer vast, relevant experience to your team

Our team has over 60 years’ combined experience working with local government, council-controlled organisations, critical infrastructure, utilities and civil engineering companies, various Ministries, and the education sector.

Working in the community

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